Tips for Spring Cleaning

As warm weather approaches, so does spring cleaning season! Get your home ready for Spring Break and the Easter holidays with a few great tips for making the daunting tasks simpler and more efficient. We’re sure you’ll love these helpful ideas to make your spring cleaning easier!


Use the right tools.


Your old rags may not be the best way to dust your delicate decor — consider, instead, disposable lightweight dusters with extending handles that reach the tops of bookshelves and cabinets. Similarly, rather than spot-cleaning and vacuuming your carpet, rent carpet cleaning equipment from the hardware store to get a full, deep clean.

Take a trip to the hardware store to peruse the specialized tools for each job you’ll be doing, and perhaps get inspired to do other work as well!


Schedule time to get it done.


Don’t expect to have your house sparkling in a single weekend. Instead, plan each task to be completed little by little over several weekends to avoid overwhelming yourself and your family.

Consider a magnetic whiteboard on your fridge with each task assigned to a weekend or evening according to how long the task will take; consider organizing the tasks by how satisfying the result will be. Longer weekends should involve more visible results such as cleaning carpets and bathrooms, while an evening involving only one task can involve smaller-impact items like cleaning cabinets and refreshing appliances.


Assign chores to the whole family.


With age comes responsibility! Get the whole family involved in spring cleaning by assigning tasks to each individual according to their skill level. For example, toddlers are capable of tidying rooms and using wet rags to wipe down toys and furniture. Elementary-aged kids can clean baseboards and walls, and middle-schoolers can wash dishes and dust. Reserve tasks involving toxic chemicals such as cleaning windows and sanitizing bathrooms to high schoolers and older.

Display a chart with each family member’s tasks and check them off as they are completed so that kids can see the impact of their efforts; reward them for their work, and consider even making it a competition for whomever finishes their tasks first!