5 Great Ideas for Refreshing Your Holiday Decor

1. Switch to white.

White has become a popular color for winter decor, appealing to the simplicity of the color as well as its similarity to snow and cleanliness. Use white string lights on the tree, hang gold and cream ornaments, and wrap white ribbons around the banisters to brighten up the holiday cheer while creating a fresh, modern feel. This can appeal to whatever holiday you celebrate this season!


2. Get crafty with paper.

Get the kids involved in decorating with crafts that are both fun and beautiful. Watch for a post in the next few days with ideas for using paper to create holiday cheer!


3. Accent your table and mantle with greenery.

Garlands of pine needles and other winter plants are a beautiful accent to the usual candles and other centerpieces on the dining table or mantle. Nestle these pieces in loops of garland or inside wreaths placed on the table. Consider manufactured plants rather than fresh ones, to store and use year after year. Using false plants is also safer for your pets: many holiday plants are toxic to animals and should be kept away from our four-legged friends.


4. Leave some things behind.

Simplicity is beautiful. Not every piece we own has to be placed on display, and not every empty space needs to be decorated. Instead, keep some decorations in storage and trade them out next year. Next year’s decorations may be a delightful surprise, or you may find that you can donate the ones you didn’t use.


5. Use the ceiling.

Hang simple decorations such as ornaments and small garlands in open corners and above the mantle or unused glass doors. Doorways can be a tempting place to hang decor like mistletoe, but be careful to keep decorations clear of everyone’s heads, approximately 7 feet from the ground and barely a few inches below door frames.