Raid the Craft Store for Rainy Day Activities

Rainy days got you down? Kids can get antsy when they’re stuck in the house, and, while devices and movies can be entertaining for a short while, we all know how unhealthy those habits can become. We took a trip to the craft store to get some inspiration for warding away boredom indoors. Take your kids on a “field trip” on those rainy, dreary days and let the kids pick out some crafty materials for these exciting activities! We have arranged them according to level of complexity to help you find ideas that best fit your kids’ ages.


Simple Crafts (toddler thru early elementary)

  • Glue together pom poms, pipe cleaners, and fabric into dolls
  • Paint wooden bird houses
  • Hide craft sticks around the house with notes for others to find
  • String beads to create friendship necklaces or bracelets


Medium Difficulty Crafts (middle and late elementary)

  • Tie friendship bracelets
  • Hand sew throw pillows
  • Create notes to friends using scrapbook paper, stamp sets, and stickers
  • Fold origami animals


Complex Crafts (middle and high school)

  • Design a dream home on graph or isometric paper
  • Assemble and decorate a cardboard house
  • Build a miniature house with modeling clay
  • Write a scrapbook from a family vacation or the school year


For the Whole Family

  • Plan and arrange a restaurant for family dinner, complete with handwritten menus and table centerpieces
  • Arrange a living room zoo with stuffed animals, concessions stands, tour guides, etc.
  • Color, draw, or paint artful masterpieces and display them with placards as in a museum
  • Plan and perform a puppet show with handmade puppets and a cardboard theatre


The craft store is a great place to find inspiration for many other exciting activities that you can do together indoors, rain or shine. We hope you enjoy these activities as much as we enjoy sharing them with you!