Love Your Home This Valentine’s Day

Despite cold winter temperatures, our homes have kept us warm and safe day in and day out. This Valentine’s Day, while we enjoy and appreciate our loved ones, let’s also appreciate our homes by caring for them–and ourselves–in an extra special way. Consider these five ideas for spoiling yourself and your home this month.


Fresh Color

How long has it been since the walls were painted or decorated? Freshen up each room’s feel with a new coat of paint, a few pieces of new decor, or a new fixture. Even if you keep the same color, a fresh layer of paint can brighten the room and rejuvenate the colors of other decor in the room, not to mention covering up any dirty scuffs or stains from everyday wear. Repainting the living room can cost as little as $100 for a couple gallons of paint, drop cloths, rollers, brushes, and all the other odds and ends you might need for the project.


Deep Clean

When was the last time you wiped down inside the cabinets, or dusted the tops of your shelves? While this may sound like a daunting task, dusting and wiping down surfaces we don’t normally access can have a huge impact on the air quality and smell of a room. Particularly if you have pets who shed, a regular dusting of those untouched areas will keep your home fresh and clean even in places you can’t see.


Light Candles

A beautiful home is made brighter with a few nice candles lit in rooms we spend the most time in. Not only do the candles freshen up the scent in the room, they add a warm ambience to any space that can be shared with your loved ones even when it’s chilly outside. Consider splurging on a particularly nice-smelling, high-quality candle; the difference in price can make a huge difference in its potency and length of life.


Warm Floors

The cold can make our homes feel large and empty, particularly if the floors are chilly. Rugs and carpet are a great way to keep your home warm and comfy, and need not be expensive. If you have carpet in your home, consider getting it professionally cleaned to freshen up its volume and color; even a quick run with a good vacuum can do wonders for the material’s softness and depth. If you have hard floors, swing by your nearest home improvement store to check out winter sales on rugs and mats that cover those well-trod spaces and compliment your decor.


Tidy Shelves

Declutter your home by getting rid of all those books you never intend to read again and they decor you really haven’t enjoyed for a long time. Donation centers like Goodwill and Salvation Army will appreciate your contributions and allow others to enjoy what you once loved. Removing the less-useful items in your home will not only make your space look neater, but can create a calmer atmosphere than a room covered in unnecessary clutter. Don’t be afraid to ditch grandma’s old figurines or grandpa’s tattered books — they were theirs to enjoy and they shouldn’t have to hold you down and take up space. Grab a box and fill it up!


Our homes are one of our most valuable assets and can be a factor in our overall happiness and comfort. Take care of your home this month the same way you care for your friends and family, and do it–and yourself–a favor with these great ideas. Spoil yourself, and your home, this season!