Innovative Kitchen Design Ideas

Designing your next dream home? Consider these innovative kitchen design ideas to improve its aesthetic and functionality, and get your ideas flowing.


Add a pop of color to make the room seem larger.

Make your cabinets a fun, fresh yellow, add a bright blue backsplash, or paint one wall vibrant red; whatever color you love, integrate it into your kitchen in a big way. Adding a bright color will pull the focus away from the size of the kitchen, making it seem larger and more modern. For the greatest impact, select only one color for your kitchen to feature, and flaunt it boldly to show off your creative side.


Create more counter space with a kitchen island.

Whether large or small, every kitchen deserves enough counter space to cook a large meal for the family. If you’re designing your kitchen from scratch, have an island installed in the center of the room, free of any appliances, to make the countertop perfect for large projects — food or otherwise. For a smaller kitchen, consider purchasing a kitchen island cart: easy to move and install, with extra storage space beneath the counter.


Put your appliances away for a cleaner look.

With all of our exciting cooking and baking gadgets, it’s easy to lose sight of the counter space we once had. Kitchen island carts have great storage space underneath the counter, or install a “lazy Susan” under the counter in the corner to maximize space.


Open the room by letting in maximum sunlight.

Sunlight is not only beautiful for any room but also good for our well-being. Particularly if we expect to spend a good amount of time during the day in the kitchen, leverage as much sunlight as possible with large windows, sliding glass doors, or a skylight above the island. Of course, the best sunlight comes through south-facing windows, which let in light during both the morning and afternoon.


Use glass cabinets to display dishes and glassware.

Our dishes, glassware, and fine china can be as decorative as they are functional. Larger, lesser-used pieces can be displayed on top of the cabinets, as well. Even if dishes remain stacked and stored efficiently in the cabinet, glass windows on the cabinet doors can make the room feel more spacious.


Install string lighting over countertops under cabinets for added visibility.

Counters under cabinets can be some of the darkest places in the room, but also some of the most functional. String lighting is fairly cheap and can be installed underneath the cabinets above to illuminate the countertop better. In the evenings, turn off the overhead lights and leave these on to give the room a soft ambiance.