Bright Summer Decor for Your Home

The summer is best known for its bright colors, fun themes, and sweet treats. As we prepare for the warm season, what better way to celebrate than to bring those fun themes into your own home? We have compiled a list of some of the best summer decor for this season, and hope you will celebrate with us by making your home a little brighter!


Plants and flowers

The warm weather provides the perfect environment to begin nursing a potted tree or plant for your home. Indoor plants that are easy to maintain and don’t mind living in a pot include succulents, spider plant, philodendron, devil’s ivy, and common ivy. The spider plant is pet-friendly, as are banana plants, the pony tail palm, and orchids. For more pet-friendly plants, check out

Consider hanging potted flowers on the porch or in the backyard, as well. This will allow you to enjoy flowers that may be toxic to pets and small children by putting them out of their reach. Many spring and summer flowers enjoy growing upside-down, including fuschia, geraniums, petunias, and black-eyed susan vines.


Table centerpieces

Summertime is the season for pool parties, afternoon tea, and dinner with friends. Prepare your home for guests by creating fun centerpieces for your table. Consider a beachy sand-filled mason jar overflowing with seashells, a garden spread featuring an empty bird cage and small potted plants or cut flowers, or a basket or bowl ripe with summer fruits and vegetables.

Of course, cut flowers make for great centerpieces as well, and can be fairly inexpensive even just from the grocery store. Sunflowers, dahlias, daisies, and alstroemeria make beautiful cut bouquets in pitchers, watering cans, or just a glass vase with a brightly colored bow. Be careful of lilies — these are extremely toxic to cats.


Patio furniture

Break out the lawn chairs and coolers and prepare for a warm nap while the neighborhood kids play in the yard. It’s a good idea to invest in a brightly colored set of plastic plates, bowls, pitchers, and trays, designed just for outdoor dining: lemonade, shortbread cookies, peanut butter sandwiches, and bowls of berries. These dishes won’t break or chip when dropped, and the bright colors will make an excellent compliment to the decor. Wind chimes and coffee tables to prop up your feet make the finishing touches to a beautiful, relaxing patio spread.


Windows and doors

Photos of summer-themed decor are most notably similar in their use of bright sunlight. Summer sun is one of the best parts of the season, so why not enjoy it inside your home as well? Change out your winter drapes for light-colored or sheer curtains and add window screens so you can crack them open when the weather is right for a warm summer breeze. If you don’t have screen doors, consider magnetic-closure mesh screen doors that you can add to any size door, to keep bugs out and let the fresh air in. Hang a summer wreath on the front door for a bit of fun flair!


Candles and trinkets

Feature the scents of summer with a few candles around the house, with scents like “strawberry fields”, “apple pie”, and “beach breeze”. As a fun pastime you and your family can make fun trinkets like miniature mason jar beaches to decorate bathroom counters, pom pom ice cream cones on a string to hang over doorways and above the kitchen table, and painted wooden figurines for the windowsills. For more fun crafty ideas, check out our rainy day activities article (coming soon!).


However you choose to decorate your home this summer, we hope you’ll take a moment to enjoy the outdoors as well. The weather is perfect for a sweet iced tea in a bright blue plastic tumbler on a comfy patio chair in the warm sun.